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Heating & Boilers

Electrical heating and boiler services encompass the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical heating systems and boilers within both residential and commercial properties. These services ensure efficient and safe heating solutions for your home and workplace. 

We ensure that your electrical heating systems and boilers are installed and maintained with the highest safety standards.

Properly installed and maintained systems operate efficiently, minimising energy wastage and reducing costs.

With over 35 years of electrical expertise, we are well-versed in providing safe and effective heating solutions. Speak to our expert team on 020 8447 0878 or contact us.

Our Process



Our skilled electricians install advanced electrical heating systems and boilers, ensuring safe and energy-efficient operation.



We offer routine maintenance to ensure your electrical heating systems and boilers remain in top condition, preventing malfunctions and safety risks.



Our expert team promptly diagnoses and repairs any electrical issues with your heating systems or boilers, prioritising safety and functionality.

What's Next?


Next steps


It’s recommended to have your boiler serviced annually to ensure it’s running efficiently and safely. Regular servicing can also help prevent potential breakdowns.

Common signs include strange noises, leaks, fluctuations in water temperature, increased energy bills, and a yellow or orange flame instead of a blue one.

You can improve efficiency by ensuring proper insulation, regular boiler maintenance, bleeding radiators, installing a programmable thermostat, and upgrading to a more energy-efficient boiler model.

The lifespan of a boiler can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and quality of installation. On average, a well-maintained boiler can last between 10 to 15 years.

To prevent pipes from freezing, insulate exposed pipes, keep the heating on at a low temperature during cold spells, and let faucets drip to relieve pressure. If you’re going away, consider draining the water system or leaving the heating on at a low setting.


Experience: With over 35 years of electrical expertise, we are well-versed in providing safe and effective heating solutions.

Custom Solutions: Our services are customised to fit your home’s electrical heating needs.

Ongoing Maintenance: We offer scheduled maintenance to ensure your electrical heating systems and boilers run flawlessly.

NICEIC Membership: Our highly recommended NICEIC membership affirms our commitment to electrical safety and quality.

Personalised Care: As a family-run business, we prioritise your home’s electrical safety and comfort as if it were our own.

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